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Tim LaBrecque, REALTOR®

(773) 747-0624

Value, commitment and a unique perspective – that’s how Tim LaBrecque excels in Real Estate. Tim’s clients get more than just a real estate agent, they get an analytical, hardworking, professional REALTOR® who is passionate about the communities in Southeast Wisconsin.

Tim worked his way through school in the hospitality industry, where he learned to really hear customers, to empathize with others, find win-win solutions, and set the right expectations. After school, Tim was drawn to Chicago and started his career as a fixed income trader. He honed his abilities to spot opportunities, identify threats and mitigate risk. These valuable professional skills are now applied to the benefit of his real estate clients.

Tim was a 2nd homeowner in our area for 25 years before making the leap to full-time resident and he hasn’t looked back! The lifestyle, pace of life and balance found has been good for the soul and career. You can find him walking the lake path, paddleboarding, or enjoying our many golf courses and restaurants. His love for our communities coupled with his unique background produces outstanding results for his clients.

Together, Tim and the Starboard Group build more than happy clients, they build strong, connected communities.

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